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Posted by HouseMasta - August 29th, 2009

Hey all,

I decided after who knows how long, to submit a couple DEMOs I've been working on. My life's been way too chaotic and busy to finish these completely and master, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

Take some time and leave me a comment here or PM me with any questions. I have a couple other songs in the works, just debating what I want to do with them.

On a side note, I will be meeting this week with a potential female vocalist, who can hopefully add some vocals to my dance music.


Oh yea, on a side note, my FF7 Dirty Remix is still a longshot away. No idea if I have the patience or drive to finish it up

TWO New songs?! GASP!


Posted by HouseMasta - January 10th, 2009

Hey all,

I have been SO busy with everything (work, girls, etc.) that I haven't had time to make much music.

I am however working again on the Final Fantasy 7 Dirty Remix so stay tuned for more details regarding that. If i had to put a percentage to it, I'd say its like 7% done.

I am planning on using at least 10 songs total. I will list the songs I will be using shortly.


How long has it been?

Posted by HouseMasta - June 11th, 2008

|| FranticMasta || got 2nd overall on NG Audio Portal! woot! I hope you all check it out as its the THEME MUSIC FOR PANDEMONIUM!!

Leave me some comments and i will gladly respond!

My Music for Pandemonium Got Second Overall on NG!!! Check it out!

Posted by HouseMasta - May 24th, 2008


Sonic 3 Special Stage
Omni Aura

These are my 3 newest songs thusfar this year. Sorry I haven't been pumping out more, but I haven't been getting the quantity of reviews/favs as I'd like to.

I still am in the process of a bunch of new songs and I know a whole crapload of you can't wait for my next (and possibly last) installment of the dirty remixes. For those of you who don't know what a dirty remix is, its basically the most f**ked up way to remix a song with constant key and tempo changes, mixed with sound effects, pans, filters, and a crapload of patterns. I usually spend a month on one, but I've been so lazy on the FINAL FANTASY 7 DIRTY REMIX that it's no where near done.

Here's a link to all previous Dirty Remixes
Legend of Zelda Dirty Remix
Sonic the Hedgehog Dirty Remix
Starfox Dirty Remix
Tetris Dirty Remix

Finally, I've joined Slice the Pie, in the hopes of getting noticed for my music and making some money. Please visit my profile and leave me a good review or 2! You can find it here

As always, thank you NGers for the attention that you've given me!

New Music!!

Posted by HouseMasta - April 2nd, 2008

Hey all,

It's been, what- 5 months? Sorry but I've been busy with my life but I finally had some free time to sit down and make a new song. It may not be my best as I am probably rusty, but I still like it.

You can find it here Feel the Trance on Your Skin
EDIT: and ANOTHER new song here! Omni Aura
Anyway, I hope to keep making more songs and keep my fans happy!


I'm Back!

Posted by HouseMasta - February 21st, 2008

I've been extremely busy and haven't had time to make new music. Maybe I just lost that Lovin Feelin....

Anyway, I will make music eventually...

Posted by HouseMasta - September 12th, 2007

Hey NewGrounders,

I have some very good news for you - I've started to devote all my time to making the FIFTH installment of the "Dirty Remixes." This time, its going to be Final Fantasy 7! I got a new pair of AMAZING headphones (Sennheisers!) and its going to be an even better experience to listen to what I make.

Not only that, but thankfully Tom extended the file size upload to 8MB! Im going to put in as much as I can, its going to be pretty cool as I've never done a song this long. im going to try to get all the main themes in with a billion sound effects and mixer effects so dont worry, its on its way!

If you want to know the other Dirty Remixes Ive Done, here they are
Zelda Dirty OC Remix
Sonic the Hedgehog Dirty Remix
Starfix 64 Dirty Remix
Tetris Dirty Remix

Final Fantasy 7 Dirty Remix Will be out shortly!

Posted by HouseMasta - July 25th, 2007

Hey all,

Yes, I decided to make a couple of songs. Heres a list of songs that are in progress

1 - Futuristic Synths (complete!)
2 - Mystic Quest Boss Remix (~60% complete)
3 - Final Fantasy 7 Dirty Remix (~3% complete)
4 - Eternal Daybreak of the Soul (complete!)

I know youre all dying for the new dirty remix and I promise you guys itll be better (and dirtier) than ever, but i need a huge amount of time to make it. remember, the last one took 50+ hours of work. Until then, keep fav'ing me and reviewing my songs.

thanks again!

Posted by HouseMasta - July 18th, 2007

Hey all,

Its been a long time since I've submitted anything to NG but since the redesign, I've been wanting to make some more. I still have the Final Fantasy Dirty Remix to make, so thats of utmost importance.

If you want anything made, respond to this note, or PM me, i usually check once a day.


Posted by HouseMasta - July 17th, 2007

NG 2. is pretty damn sweet! i hope its worth the wait! im working on music still so dont fret!