not so busy anymore

2007-07-25 14:13:39 by HouseMasta

Hey all,

Yes, I decided to make a couple of songs. Heres a list of songs that are in progress

1 - Futuristic Synths (complete!)
2 - Mystic Quest Boss Remix (~60% complete)
3 - Final Fantasy 7 Dirty Remix (~3% complete)
4 - Eternal Daybreak of the Soul (complete!)

I know youre all dying for the new dirty remix and I promise you guys itll be better (and dirtier) than ever, but i need a huge amount of time to make it. remember, the last one took 50+ hours of work. Until then, keep fav'ing me and reviewing my songs.

thanks again!


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2007-07-25 16:34:54

Cool. You actually have a percentage of when your songs will be finished. Your a machine. :) Love the pic. What the heck is that pink thing in your hands. Doesn't look like a mic. Maybe mentos candy? Hey that knife looks nice. Kinda weak compared to some of the lower rank pictures. Hmm I guess I'll wait for the dirty remix though I'm not fond of remixes. Anyway, I like commenting in ppl's comment box because you couldn't do that with the old NG. Have fun making music.


2007-07-26 19:33:40

Housemasta is teh shitz! :D