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Thanks guys!

First off, that series of shorts made me laugh a lot! I really enjoyed watching the bloopers and blunders of a forgotten Hedgehog.

ChaosBeast told me to watch this flash, and I'm glad I did. Thanks again guys for putting my song into this animation!

Hope to see more from you guys soon!


well done, congrats!

it was well put together, the cinematic scenes were beautifully done. True, the fight scenes werent amazing, but they were still enjoyable.


worthy of top 5!

great song, great flash, great job overall! i think you nailed exactly what you were going for. congrats man and i hope to see more flashes from you in the future!


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wow... im impressed

I thought this game was going to be lame. but man o man was i wrong! very fun, very fun 5/5

omg so gross... yet i cant look away

this is ridiculously funny. babies with 2 mouths and 4 eyes with arms going every which way. but the best is the music. it really tops it off. congrats man, this flash is great!


nice job man! i actually glitched it tho

I got the squirrel so high that when it hit the floor, it dissappeared and the screen kept going! LAWL

nice job anyway! i loved the violence, hope to see a new and improved game

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hmm not bad!

its still needs some mastering as some parts peak (vocals in some areas) and there isnt a strong enough bass, if any. Im glad this is a beta, so i can offer you some constructive criticism.

around 1:16 where the violin comes in, it would be an amazing point to build up the song. the brass and vocals should be pushed back into the song as a bridge to the final build.

overall, its a piece that needs work, but all the parts are there. A good percussion section is what this piece needs. Crashes, timps, shaker, gong, etc. would be amazing for this piece.

overall nice job and i hope to hear the final piece!

4/5 8/10

nice job!

Overall it was a pretty good job, you just got to adjust your mixer settings. The peaking was a bit hurtful on the ears. I loved the drums though.

9/10 and 5/5

If you want to ever chat with me, PM me and ill give you MSN or AIM

Waterflame responds:

thanks! yeah this wassnt mastered all that well due to crappy headset and needing to be quiet since its night here o.O my other headset is on repair D: lol.. i did this kinda rushy. i was so tiered of planing my submitions so well so now the last month ive just been sharing everything that comes to mind. XD ill remember that :)

wow interesting

I got in touch with the earth with this piece. Nice job, although its not my style. I could have used some louder flowing strings to complete the therapeutic experience.


if you want to collab lemme know

Yes, im working on stuff so dont fret. **HouseMasta: the Fresh Music Maker**

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