Final Fantasy 7 Dirty Remix Will be out shortly!

2007-09-12 11:46:00 by HouseMasta

Hey NewGrounders,

I have some very good news for you - I've started to devote all my time to making the FIFTH installment of the "Dirty Remixes." This time, its going to be Final Fantasy 7! I got a new pair of AMAZING headphones (Sennheisers!) and its going to be an even better experience to listen to what I make.

Not only that, but thankfully Tom extended the file size upload to 8MB! Im going to put in as much as I can, its going to be pretty cool as I've never done a song this long. im going to try to get all the main themes in with a billion sound effects and mixer effects so dont worry, its on its way!

If you want to know the other Dirty Remixes Ive Done, here they are
Zelda Dirty OC Remix
Sonic the Hedgehog Dirty Remix
Starfix 64 Dirty Remix
Tetris Dirty Remix

Final Fantasy 7 Dirty Remix Will be out shortly!


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2007-09-17 22:33:14

Lol those dirty remixes are really funny, I cant wait for your next one =D


2007-09-27 16:52:42

Interesting...I hope.


2007-10-07 19:07:57

Haha. Nice pic. ^ ~ I'm really glad that the limit's 8MB now. I can't wait for an amazing 8 minute dirty remix. That's sweet that you got new headphones, too! You wanna, *cough*, send a pair of those over to me? ^.^


2007-12-05 20:30:04



2007-12-17 18:01:42

Dude, nice music! Your work is all awesome- keep it up! Especially the Tetris- I haven't even listened to all of your music yet, either. Keep up the good work, you're awesome ^_^


2007-12-20 22:57:32

House masta way back when you were my favorite audio artist and you will stay that way if you can make a version of the song IRON MAN by black sabbeth on the grand piano LOL good luck with that


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