I'm going to start making some music again..

2007-07-18 14:01:16 by HouseMasta

Hey all,

Its been a long time since I've submitted anything to NG but since the redesign, I've been wanting to make some more. I still have the Final Fantasy Dirty Remix to make, so thats of utmost importance.

If you want anything made, respond to this note, or PM me, i usually check once a day.



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2007-07-18 14:10:44



2007-07-18 15:33:01

Does the masta of houses remember me?

HouseMasta responds:

yea i do


2007-07-18 21:38:54

OMG I can't wait to hear and review the Final Fantasy Dirty Remix! :D


2007-07-19 16:09:21

That's great...by any chance do you have MSN or AIM?

HouseMasta responds:

PM me for it


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