Entry #10

TWO New songs?! GASP!

2009-08-29 22:01:16 by HouseMasta

Hey all,

I decided after who knows how long, to submit a couple DEMOs I've been working on. My life's been way too chaotic and busy to finish these completely and master, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

Take some time and leave me a comment here or PM me with any questions. I have a couple other songs in the works, just debating what I want to do with them.

On a side note, I will be meeting this week with a potential female vocalist, who can hopefully add some vocals to my dance music.


Oh yea, on a side note, my FF7 Dirty Remix is still a longshot away. No idea if I have the patience or drive to finish it up

TWO New songs?! GASP!


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2009-09-23 21:49:45

did you give up on ff7? i really hope not :(


2009-10-02 19:36:05

I'm happy that you have the patience and drive to make music again, man.


2009-11-06 11:34:53

heyyyyyy could u please make a version of Tubelectric from the game Jazz jackrabbit I really wanna hear a good remix


2011-04-28 20:14:11

Your songs are brilliant.


2013-07-25 11:31:10

Please come back.


2014-03-24 02:36:45

Your songs are freaking brilliant man! Please come back and make more god-status video game remixes!