New Music!!

2008-05-24 23:33:21 by HouseMasta


Sonic 3 Special Stage
Omni Aura

These are my 3 newest songs thusfar this year. Sorry I haven't been pumping out more, but I haven't been getting the quantity of reviews/favs as I'd like to.

I still am in the process of a bunch of new songs and I know a whole crapload of you can't wait for my next (and possibly last) installment of the dirty remixes. For those of you who don't know what a dirty remix is, its basically the most f**ked up way to remix a song with constant key and tempo changes, mixed with sound effects, pans, filters, and a crapload of patterns. I usually spend a month on one, but I've been so lazy on the FINAL FANTASY 7 DIRTY REMIX that it's no where near done.

Here's a link to all previous Dirty Remixes
Legend of Zelda Dirty Remix
Sonic the Hedgehog Dirty Remix
Starfox Dirty Remix
Tetris Dirty Remix

Finally, I've joined Slice the Pie, in the hopes of getting noticed for my music and making some money. Please visit my profile and leave me a good review or 2! You can find it here

As always, thank you NGers for the attention that you've given me!

New Music!!


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2008-05-25 07:45:41

Hey, big fan, love the dirty remixes. XD

Nice AgnryFaic picture, also. ;)

HouseMasta responds:



2008-05-25 23:00:51

Haha. Nice server error. :D

HouseMasta responds:



2008-06-07 17:05:25

yeah, that ncomes up alot on meh ng.

HouseMasta responds:

not THIS error message :D


2008-06-10 07:16:18

woah dude! i am very sorry if i affended you on the loz hylian yeah thing. that really wasn't my goal... i didn't mean to be "harsh"... i wish for succsses in your futur...btw i love the dirty remixes. LOL

HouseMasta responds:

eh its ok.... thanks for the reply to my news post


2008-06-10 16:29:16


HouseMasta responds: